Insights on Insight and Insight Mapping? LO29551

From: AM de Lange (
Date: 11/22/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Martin Silcock <> writes:

>I am interested in "Insight" - what it is, how it happens,
>what it needs to happen, how it relates to knowledge,
>learning, creativity and innovation, what tools, technologies,
>processes and approaches help foster it. What is the
>anatomy of an insight?

Greetings dear Martin,

There is book, perhaps the most comprehensive book on insight before
creativity became popular. It is "Insight: A Study of Human Understanding"
by Bernard Lonergan (1957) It is a very complex book, covering many
domains of human thinking. I would suggest studying it to understand
insight on insight without creativity complicating the picture.

>I hypothesise that Insight comes before creativity, in that
>it is about restructuring of Mental Models so that new
>pathways of interpretation are created. This leads to a
>new set of creative responses.

What if it is exactly the opposite, namely, that insight is the outcome of
creative thinking?

With care and best wishes


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