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From: Martin Silcock (
Date: 11/20/02

Hi all

It was back in 1997 I think that I first participated in the list. Much
has happened since then, and whilst recently wrestling with some thinking
I thought this knowledgeable list could help me again so I have rejoined
and once again enjoying the high quality, stimulating dialogues.

I am interested in "Insight" - what it is, how it happens, what it needs
to happen, how it relates to knowledge, learning, creativity and
innovation, what tools, technologies, ,processes and approaches help
foster it. What is the anatomy of an insight?

Primarily my focus is in business, but in general also. The word is used
frequently but I suspect in a very loose way. I have researched on
Internet and can see links with it to Gestalt Philosophy, Metaphor,

My motivation is to develop services and solutions focused on enhancing
capabilities in the area on "Business Insight"

My starting point has been use of Mind Mapping software (
to create "Insight Maps" This has led me to try and develop a
philosophical and scientific underpinning to my intuitions.

I hypothesise that Insight comes before creativity, in that it is about
restructuring of Mental Models so that new pathways of interpretation are
created. This leads to a new set of creative responses.

Any help perspectives, references, research, contacts in area of Insight
would be welcome.

I am also interested in how any kind of graphical approach illuminates and
supports the discovery of insights. I am already familiar with and systems diagramming and idons for thinking.

My initial focus (consumer insight) and some insight map prototypes can be
seen at Please excuse the rough and readiness of
this area, I am using it as a test bed of my ideas as they develop.

Kind Regards

Martin Silcock

Managing Director - Explorate ltd

[Host's Note: Martin, welcome back! ..Rick]


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