Criteria for "Learning Organization" LO29557

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 11/22/02

Replying to LO29546 --

Hi Mark --

I do not think there's a disagreement. Humans individually and
collectively (organizations) are learners.

But, I still think the "Learning Organization" is an ideal. Senge intended
it as an ideal; he's said so.

The "Learning Organization" (as ideal) is -superb- in learning, both
individually and collectively, the capacities for learning are very
strong, and the structures and systems are highly aligned for learning. In
that sense, it's an ideal.

Most present organizations are learning at a rate far below their

For me, "Learning Organization" is the ideal...

Learning and organizational learning are processes that are everywhere;
everyone learns to some extent.

The organizational learning field addresses theory, methods, and tools for
increasing learning, bringing it closer to the ideal.

   -=- Rick

>I guess I disagree with this, as I do to all other claims that seem to
>suggest that not all organizations are learning organizations. I believe
>that all organizations are learning organizations, though some are more
>prolific at learning than others. To test my claim, can anyone provide
>me/us with examples of organizations that do NOT learn?


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