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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 11/24/02

Replying to LO29557 --

Hi there, hi Richard, Mark

As i wrote earlier: what you see depends on how you look. I believe that
who, why, what or how you see a LO only tells you something about who you
are, why you think the things you think, what it is that you see and how
you look at the world. I respect them all. That's how is see it, us,
them...We live in a multi-facetted world.

As you said: there is no disagreement in this. Unless I say so. It is a
pecularity of our species that we try to convince others that our own way
of looking is better, more appropriate, smarter or more modern. We hardly
notice that we look for proof for our own viewpoint only. Everything is
true, some place, some time. Search and you'll find.

We tend to use force and power to convince others. Probably because we
still have doubts. Perhaps we feel insecure about our ideas, the sureness
of our standpoint. Or just because this world is paradoxical in nature....
And there seems safety in numbers. We'd learn more if we listened to each
other. This phenomena reaches its culmination in the concept of god, were
we will venture crusades, wars and even late night discussions on who's
ideas about god is better. So please, please, please let's not argue about
what is or is not a LO. A Learning Organisation is whatever the other says
it is.

Thanks for your hard work and skilfull support,


Richard Karash wrote:

>The "Learning Organization" (as ideal) is -superb- in learning, both
>individually and collectively, the capacities for learning are very
>strong, and the structures and systems are highly aligned for learning. In
>that sense, it's an ideal.
>Most present organizations are learning at a rate far below their


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