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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 11/24/02

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Dearest Andrew,

You wrote that...

> The master who believes he understands his slaves because they
> obey his orders would be blind. What can be controlled is never completely
> real; what is real can never be completely controlled. No speculation, no
> teaching has ever affirmed an equivalence between what is done and undone:
> between a plant that sprouts, flowers and dies, and a plant that
> resuscitates, grows younger and returns to its original seed; between a
> man who grows older and learns, and one who becomes a child, then an
> embryo, then a cell.

I am reading a book now entitled "The Old American" by Ernest Hebert, in
which this very paradox finds a fable. An Indian named Caucus-Meteor --
the Old American -- who is king of his small band of mostly mixed tribal
breeds living north of Quebec City, raids a New England settlement (not
far from where I live today) and takes as prisoner one Nathan Blake.

Artfully written, the story of master and slave and more than one level
depicts what you have written, and more. I highly recommend the read.

Warm best wishes,



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