Criteria for a Learning Organization LO29569

Date: 11/25/02

Mark: I believe Enron might be a good example.

> From: "Mark W. McElroy" <>
> I guess I disagree with this, as I do to all other claims that seem to
> suggest that not all organizations are learning organizations. I believe
> that all organizations are learning organizations, though some are more
> prolific at learning than others. To test my claim, can anyone provide
> me/us with examples of organizations that do NOT learn?

[Host's Note: I'm not sure, Harriett, if you think they didn't learn at
all or didn't learn the BIG lesson or learned lots of skills all negative
for cheating, lying, etc. We can agree on what we want to convey when we
use the word "learning". ..Rick]


Harriett J. Robles

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