KM in Education Cluster Meeting LO29581 Meeting, Dec 12-13, San Francisco

Date: 11/25/02

For those of you located in or near the San Francisco Bay area, please
join us at the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley Knowledge
Management (KM) Cluster community for the Winter 2002 Event on Thursday
and Friday, December 12-13, 2002 in San Francisco, CA.

The event theme for Winter 2002 is "KM in Education: The Knowledge-Based
Drive for Accountability, Quality, and Assessment."

The Winter 2002 KM Cluster is co-sponsored by the Institute for the Study
of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME).

The Event web is:

Pre-registration on-line is required. There is a participant fee to cover
expenses only. ISKME and KM Cluster are not-for-profit. Secure on-line
event registration is now open.


The purpose of "KM in Education" is to examine the role of KM in the drive
for fundamental improvements of the education and learning process. This
is the first event of its kind to identify knowledge management
strategies, tools, and technologies applicable to education communities,
including K-16, graduate, enterprise, institutional and government.


Faced with and increase in the internal and external demands for
accountability and assessment, educational institutions are increasingly
turning to KM strategies to improve processes and outcomes. Business and
education communities are converging to meet the needs of the education
market and subsequently are sparking KM innovations across sectors,
constituent groups, and enterprises.

This KM in Education Summit will cover KM developments in learning and
instruction, assessment and quality standards, administration and
management, and strategic planning and organizational effectiveness. You
will hear from educators as well as enterprise leaders who are leading KM
initiatives across sectors. Through current research and case studies,
these researchers and practioners will share insights that address the
connection between KM, education, and learning; the intersection between
individual learning outcomes and institutional performance; barriers of KM
implementation in education and learning; and the ways in which
knowledge-based organizations contribute to the education process.

What you will learn:

The meeting is designed to leverage the background of its participants in
order to explore and define the role of KM in education. You will learn
about recent research and practice that impact a broad range of
educational contexts. Subsequent panels and interactive sessions are
tailored to the participants' interests for exploring KM strategies and
techniques that can help you overcome your organization's challenges.

Enterprise participants will have opportunities to dialogue with education
and other business leaders about the challenges and opportunities in
implementing KM practices in education.


-Share KM innovations in education
-Explore KM methodologies for different stages of the
learning process
-Identify opportunities to advance KM practices across
education sectors
-Create a network and community for resource sharing
and ideas exchange
-Interact with experts to share and discuss KM
innovations in education

Logistics and Registration

The Winter 2002 KM Cluster event will be held at the
San Francisco State Downtown Campus, from 8:00-5:00pm
on Thursday/Friday, December 12-13, 2002.

Secure, online pre-registration is required. This event
will reach capacity quickly. Tuition covers event
costs, including materials, refreshments, meals,
equipment and related expenses.
ISKME and KM Cluster are not-for-profit.

Secure, on-line registration is now open.


San Francisco State University
Downtown Campus Conference Center
26th Floor, Room 2608
425 Market Street @ Fremont Street
San Francisco, CA, USA
(415) 405-7746

The KM Cluster Winter 2002 event is open to all. Executives, managers, KM
practitioners, educators, administrators and other stakeholders will find
this event to be of exceptionally high value. Members of industry
consortia, academia and corporate research centers are also welcome and
encouraged to participate.

Participation is limited in order to expand possibilities for productive
interactions and collaborative problem solving.

The Winter 2002 KM Cluster will reach capacity quickly. You are encouraged
to register now to assure a participant slot. For your secure, online
registration, please visit:

Most cordially,

Lisa Petrides, Ph.D., President and Founder
Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in
Education (ISKME)

John Maloney
Knowledge Management Cluster


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