Blind to Wholeness LO29603

From: Mike Jay (
Date: 11/28/02

Replying to LO29599 --

At reminded me of a paper that many of you might find interesting
regarding Illuminating the Blind Spots of Leadership.


>This dialogue is not only interesting to me, but i also need it very
>much. For example, i began an essay on the "Wholeness of Knowledge"
>several weeks ago which is still not completed. The reason is that this
>"blind to wholeness" had been troubling my mind.

[Host's Note: Thanks, Mike, for reminding us of this white paper. The
authors are W. Brian Arthur, Jonathan Day, Joseph Jaworski, Michael Jung,
Ikujiro Nonaka, C. Otto Scharmer, Peter M. Senge. There is quite a bit of
material on the site including thought
provoking interviews with thought leaders on knowledge and leadership. I
had a hand in helping Otto Scharmer create this site. ..Rick]


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