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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 12/06/02

Replying to LO29649 --

Dear reader, hello Andrew,

Would you call this group a learning organization?

First: is this a group?

According to "Paradoxes in Group Life" there are three conditions for an
ensemble to be called a group:

condition 1: the relations between the group members on the critical
issues being examined are different from the relations between those
group members and the members of other groups.
condition 2: when other groups in the environment hold the group as a
whole accountable .
condition 3: the actions of the group members may be meaningfully
attributed to the patterns of relationsships whitin the group and not to
the unique characteristics of the members of the group themselves.

When i taste these condition with regard to this group, i'd say we meet
only condition 1. The critical issue being LO. I do not feel that we're
held accountable as a group by other groups (with the possible exception
of the SOL) and i suppose that most of our action can be attributed to our
personal and unique characteristics. Although there is some added flavour.

So according to this, we cannot possibly be a learning organization.

As i see it, the group looks like an ensemble dedicated to learning
organizations and one does tend to pick up somethings, some thoughts, some
increased capacity of action.

However, anaybody should be entitled to his or her own opninion,


Jan Lelie

Andrew, QuaSyLaTic wrote:
> wrote:
>>Is this group a learning organization?
>More questions arise from the above ...
> What is the vision of this group?
> Over these many years, what is the LEARNING of the group with respect to
>the vision?


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