Favorite references on LOs? LO29683

From: Glebe Stcherbina (gstc3416@mail.usyd.edu.au)
Date: 12/09/02

Replying to LO29673 --

Dear Anne and fellow Orglearners,

There are so many references in respect to Learning Organizations, you may
want to go to our archives and look up a few postings. I have placed a
couple of reference lists myself over the past couple of years.

As a current Doctoral candidate myself (researching Organizational
Learning), may I suggest that you ask your Doctoral supervisor for some
hints. May I also suggest that you go to your campus library and conduct a
search of unpublished thesis relating to your topic and extract the
bibliographies and reference lists where permitted.

Hopefully, that will give a flying start to recommend to your boss and
colleagues. However, what you may find unappealing, they may be enriched
by your own reference lists which you have written for your Doctoral
research. It is a matter of perception.

Kind regards,
Glebe Stcherbina
Sydney, Australia

acostarks wrote:

> Could the members of this community nominate their favorite references --
> books, articles or websites -- that could serve as an introduction to
> learning organizations?


Glebe Stcherbina <gstc3416@mail.usyd.edu.au>

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