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From: acostarks (acostarks@prodigy.net.mx)
Date: 12/07/02

Hello all,

Could the members of this community nominate their favorite references --
books, articles or websites -- that could serve as an introduction to
learning organizations? In my life as a doctoral student, I've done a
good deal of reading on org learning and learning orgs, but have yet to
come across anything that I would highly recommend to my boss and
colleagues at work who would benefit from a good primer on the subject.
The introductory resource I dream of would:

* Describe vividly and appealingly what a learning
organization would look, feel and act like, and accomplish
better than the next runner-up
* Give some real-life examples of successful LOs
* Propose some tangible and do-able steps to launch a
not-yet LO on the path to learning
* Preferably be short and punchy, since no one in my
organization has any time for anything other than today´s
em-urgencies ;-)

This may be a pretty basic question, but I -- and perhaps eventually
others in my organization -- will greatly appreciate your suggestions!

Warm regards,

Anne Acosta
Ph.D. student, Fielding Graduate Institute
Coordinator, Strategic Planning, International
  Maize & Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)


acostarks <acostarks@prodigy.net.mx>

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