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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 12/08/02

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Read them up, write them up, rawhide! Hello Heide and Dan, helLO 2 you 2,

Perhaps this is an even better metafore: we're falling down an escalator!
The harder we try to fall down, the more it speeds up. Go with the flow.
"It", good name, "It", that what moves all up (or down, depending on your
current tumble), is not interested in us falling of the banister or not.
Every person, every entity is only of interest of that person, that entity
itself. Change has purposes and meanings it is not aware of.

Did you notice the announcement of the mouse genome? And that we share all
most all our DNA with mice - and elephants? If we - as a race - "fall off
the banister", it is only a matter of time - what is a few million years?
- before there will re-emerge consious thinking that is able to speak,
read and write. Perhaps it will be cheese-speak. Perhaps -if you really
think that the end of the world as we now it is near - we should carve
into some rock: "We Appologize For The Inconvenience - caused by our
stupid and unnecessary dye off. Better luck to you! (PS: the mice really
run this planet!)"

Here in Holland it has suddenly turned rather cold. Not as cold as a few
10.000 years ago, though ....



You seem to have asked:

>I hope amateurs and others among us are falling upstairs... And do you
>suppose we are just as likely to fall off the banister while "It" falls
>Does this make any sense to you?
>Say, all of you, I haven't yet been able to get ahold of the book "The
>Prize" by Daniel Yergin, but yesterday and the day before I watched the
>8-part PBS/Nova series. I found the first seven parts a fascinating and
>timely history of US involvement in the Middle East: a story of
>organization-addiction (OA), two words, one meaning. I look forward to
>reading the book.


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