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Date: 12/09/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes:

>20% if the US GDP is consumed by transporation costs!
>PS I think our host, Rick once used the process of
>'traffic flow' to illuminate system it still in
>your personal archive Rick?
>[Host's Note: Yes, an article using traffic as an illustration is
>on the web at ..Rick]

Greetings dear Andrew (and Rick),

It is a fine article. We need more of them relating to everyday

Andrew, here in Africa we have learned that when a country's economy goes
into dire straits, the first to suffer are those who rely on public
transport to get to work and back home again.

Unfortunately, they have no idea of the structure and process of an
economy. They will invariably squat close to their work to be still able
to continue with it. This leads to so much social disorder that eventually
they even lose their work. Life in a squatter camp does nobody any good.

With care and best wishes


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