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From: Passi Bk (passi.bk@kmutt.ac.th)
Date: 01/05/03

Hello Dear Friends

Do you agree that learning is a serious matter. It is not a fun activity,
where as I have been hearing from a few popular commercials that learning
is fun or easy. I am not sure about it.

Today, I am going to ask a different question or help about finding
learning time by the faculty members. Can you help us to solve the puzzle
of finding time for team learning or the organization learning especially
in the educational institutions.

One of the problems in improving our learning environment is related to
some of the faculty members who are, think and then say that they are very
busy. We need to look into their work load, nature of activities they are
engaged in and their work schedules. My worry is that if teaching faculty
cannot find time to learn, then how can we grow? I know that people in
other professions have to read equally or even more than that of teachers.
How do they manage? How can we help teachers to see this point?

The second factor is related to a chronic attitude that people and their
teams can live all alone in the organizations and society. I feel that
this is more true of teachers. Such people will say that they are fine and
their team is fine. And they do not want to look into the affairs of
others as it would mean interference in the working affairs of others. On
the other side, they also know that they are working in an organization
where components are inter-related, interlinked, and interdependent. In
fact, the social systems including educational organizations require
deeper bonds of intimacy. How do we solve these problems?

When we propose to have a dialogue over these issues, then factor of
shortage of time and this habit of self-reliance appear to oppose the
proposal of having a dialogue. I am still struggling to find answers and
convince the members of our groups / friends here and persuade that the
old culture of aloofness [stand-alone] will not help us.



"Passi Bk" <passi.bk@kmutt.ac.th>

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