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From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 01/03/03

Replying to LO29724 --

HelLO Jon, a happy new year to you all,

Thanks for your remarks. Yes and no is an interesting answer. I tried to
pose not a yes or no question, so i agree. From your message i do conclude
that sense making, or deriving meaning, or personal development is an
imprtant human need. The things we "see", like churches and the modern day
equivalents of them, the corporate head offices, are just tokens of these
processes. Like icebergs: the shapes are always different, put the largest
part is under water. I even compared a business school to a seminary,
every family tries to send at least one child to business school. And so a
book like "The Fifth Discipline" can be of the same character as a holy
text. Different form, different content, same archetype.

I do not agree with you about:

The event that the world stops to celebrate
tomorrow night, has had more effect on the intellectual life (not to
mention spiritual and emotional and material life) than any other in

Perhaps we can try to make it seem like that, because making something
important does add some more meaning to our lives. Some people do believe
for sometime that their father is God. Others believe for their whole
lives that God is God. So what's new? We need a believe to fill the
background for our thoughts. And there were, are and will be other
remarkable events, simply because we choose to make them remarkable. Or it
might be dangerous ot make events into a competition because it might
induce others to come up with an event that will even have more effect on
life as we know it. Like the publication of "The Origin of Species" or the
first Pyramid or the invention of the IC. Or the beginning (or the end) of

Or people love to celebrate things and that's good. It adds depth to our
lives. And celebrating birth, death and transformation are important
events in every life.



Jonjbenn@aol.com wrote:

>I have to say yes and no to this one.
>I think that LO as promoted by Senge is a valid, timely, historical and
>practical replacement of bureaucracy. It is grounded in the needs of this
>However, it is certainly directly related to religious ideas. This is too
>big and provocative and idea to do justice to now. But I believe the
>entire paradigm we are now in is steeped in Eastern thought-not Christian.
>Just look at Senge's book and where he got his ideas and you will see the
>eastern influence. In the front of the book is some mandala and reference
>to a dream or something he perceived in his yoga meditation, or some
>such,,I forget exactly but it was a reference to eastern religion,

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