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From: Barry Brownstein (
Date: 01/06/03

Dear LO members:

I am new to the list and was pleased to find it. I am a professor of
economics and management at the University of Baltimore. My graduate
training is in economics. In one of those life-altering events my interest
in management and particularly issues concerning self-organizing systems,
leadership and learning organizations began to flourish about 6 years ago
when I was asked to create a MBA elective in management by the Dean at my
University. He encouraged me to create a fresh course and out of that came
my course "Self-Organization in the Firm". This course later grew to a new
MBA specialization, which I helped to organize: "Leadership and
Organizational Learning."

My interest in management and economics along with a strong interest in
spirituality all combine in my eLetter "The Brownstein Letter". The
Brownstein Letter covers issues concerning organizational and personal
transformation and is now read in 17 countries. I would be pleased to add
you as a reader. For your free subscription simply send a blank e-mail to The listserv will automatically
reply. If you do not receive and then reply to the automatic confirmation,
your subscription did not go through. Once you do subscribe you may read
the archives of the Letter at:

I look forward to learning from your posts.


Barry Brownstein
Yale Gordon Distinguished Teaching Professor
University of Baltimore
1420 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD. 21201

[Host's Note: Welcome, Barry! ..Rick]


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