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From: John D. Smith (
Date: 01/06/03

CPsquare is offering its online workshop on Communities of Practice
starting on January 27th, presented by Etienne Wenger, John Smith, and
Bronwyn Stuckey. This online workshop examines what communities of
practice are, why they are important, how to develop, nurture, and
leverage them, and how to build a knowledge strategy around them.

This workshop offers a unique, participant-driven, experience of
interactive learning in community. It provides the opportunity to consider
community issues in general and examine a range of specific communities of
practice, whether presented by guest speakers, participants from former
workshops who return to make a contribution or by other workshop
participants. The workshop itself simulates a community of practice so
that many community issues are available for direct observation and
reflection. In addition, for many people this workshop serves as an entry
point into a larger community that's concerned with the world as a social
learning system.

The workshop is held over the course of seven weeks. Participation in the
workshop involves asynchronous web-based conferencing, teleconferences
scheduled over the course of the workshop, and participant-organized
meetings over the Internet.

The workshop participants come from many different industries, countries,
organizational settings, and professions. Guest speakers from leading
companies discuss their experience in implementing community-based
knowledge strategies. Details and registration forms are posted at:


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--* CoP Workshop starts Jan 27, 2003:
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Jerome Bruner

[Host's Note: I did this on-line workshop a while ago and can
enthusiastically recommend it. ..Rick]


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