LO is an idea or goal? LO29778

From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 01/07/03

Replying to LO29764 --

Replying to LO29764 --

Dear reader; dear At and LeO,

Reading your answers, made me think:
 1. What "is" the idea of LO?
 2. What "is" the goal of LO?
 3. Why these questions?

Perhaps that is our purpose - if any - : to formulate ideas and goals!
Until now organizing was erratic, based on chance and natural selection.
There were no records. Thanks to our mind, our intellect, we're able to
create new forms, new (external) organs on purpose and can make selections
based on a goal. We're able to store and retrieve information from the
past. Briljant. LO might be the subject of the famous question: "what is
the use of new born baby?" There you have it, wise men!

Best for 2003,

Jan Lelie

AM de Lange wrote:

>Greetings dear Leo,
>The word goal comes from the Saxon word "gaelan"=hinder. They also named
>the winning-post at the end of a race with the word "gole". In this sense
>you are right -- nature does not hinder its evolution and nature is not in
>a race to finish something.
>>If LO's will have a change for existence, the LO must know
>>what the dangers are and how to protect against these dangers.
>>Mimicry, or an armour (passive protection); or poisoness
>>weapons, like the weak jelly fish.
>I think you have made a very important statement here. I wonder what these
>dangers might be? Let us explore them in our future LO-dialogue. I myself
>want to point out one danger which i think concerns all LOs. It is to
>think that to become a LO is like reaching a goal post. It is not. Once an
>OO (Ordinary Organisation) has emerged into a LO, it has to go further in
>maturing itself and help other OOs to emerge into LOs too. In other words,
>it is not in a race with a finishing post, but is rather in a never ending
>journey exploring the deeper spirituality of learning together.
>>I hope that this message will not disturb your Christmas feelings.


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