Overcome Poverty by Production LO29858

From: Don Dwiggins (d.l.dwiggins@computer.org)
Date: 01/27/03

Replying to LO29843 --

AM de Lange writes:
> While searching the web for production techniques for certain bacteria
> like Baccilium laterosporum, i came upon the following interesting site:
> < http://www.geocities.com/songhaiafrica/en/Index.htm >

> The homepage ends with the following quote:
> "The only way to fight POVERTY is to transform
> the poor person into an active PRODUCER"
> Fr. NZAMUJO O.P., Director of Songhaï Center
> What a wonderful piece of wisdom!

And one that's been verified since 1976 by the Grameen bank
( http://www.grameen-info.org/agrameen/index.html ). Their principles and
practice have provided thousands of poor people with the needed resources
and support to make the transformation. It looks like Songhai and Grameen
have complementary missions.

And Indra's net continues to grow connections,


Don Dwiggins d.l.dwiggins@computer.org Man ascends through the discovery of the fullness of his own gifts. What he creates along the way are monuments to the stages of his understanding of nature and of self. -- Jacob Bronowski, "The Ascent of Man"

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