Overcome Poverty by Production LO29868

From: Alan Cotterell (acotrel@cnl.com.au)
Date: 01/30/03

Replying to LO29858 --

Don, I have a question : what effect would a ten per cent increase in
productivity have on your economy? When you consider the multitudinous
feedback loops in the system, I suggest the effect would be enormous.

If you define organisational productivity as the ratio of profit to wages
bill. There is an obvious way to improve productivity, which has become
commonplace in western countries - you just hire an MBA to tell you who to

The way to improve productivity, I prefer, is to develop management system
documentation and audit it, train your people, and get the teams working!

Seems to me many politicians are almost completely devoid on ideas on how
to stimulate growth of new businesses. Perhaps we need to copy the
Japanese and set up a decent Ministry of Technology to look for new ideas.

I suggest we also need to expose our academics to a manufacturing
environment. Many don't seem to appreciate their students real needs.

Best Regards,

Alan Cotterell


"Alan Cotterell" <acotrel@cnl.com.au>

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