Let us be a Lesson to it LO29957

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 03/02/03

Replying to LO29927 --

Dear At and LO,

>Take care of your Adenia pechuelii.

Anona is the primary carer of 'Ap', and I like to think I am a primary carer
for An' ;-) Then, of course there are all the other intersecting, cross
weaving care systems that maintain the life of 'Ap'.
It is amazing, to reflect on the longevity of the plant. I recall seeing well
before 'her' ;-) arrival here an image of one Ap in SA which was possibly
over two thousand years old. (I think you were the artist/photographer;-)
Comparing the two, it was difficult to see the connections, but in just that
last few years I have started to be able to see the connections, following a
kind of Goetheians style of observation. Of course, lacking desert conditions
my imagination plays an impressive role in such a visualization;-)
Two observations that spring to mind;-)...How like 'flames' are the new
leafs;-) that spring forward, and indeed are springing forward now as I
write. New leafs bringing forward new branches, so it would seam;-)...and the
way it starts to swell and glow, the entire body form seems to come alive as
if to escape its limits, and there is a 'design' of sorts on the body, as it
swells -where two tomalities of green, one seeming vibrant and the other more
dormant create a flame like pattern. 'Ap' seems to be thriving, and oblivious
;-( to clocks ticking away, some like time bombs ;-(
Talking of watches, it was about five years ago I followed your good example.
I live without a watch, finding the world crammed full of timepieces anyway,
enough to make reference to when in the world of the 'so enchained'.
Leo, you and I used to 'play' around with the words 'leaf', 'lieve', and
'lief' - 'playing with love' - l have beside me my original inspiration for a
text 'Il silenzio sfavillante' Beside that Maturana's homily to love and
intelligence, "-only love expands intelligence..." and "-love is
visionary..." and " love is the cure because it opens our intelligence for
reflection, a source and ground for recovery of any distress through our
realizations as human beings." (1996 Munchen/Basle)
LO, Ad Reinhardt gave Thomas Merton a tiny painting as a gift. ( "Small
Painting for T.M." 1957, Abbey of Gethsemani.) Merton kept it in the kitchen
where he worked for a while, this has had the effect of ruining the
commercial value of the artwork ;-( ;-) to dealers in history and human
vision, but Merton wrote something of the small painting, which I place here
now;-) from the background to the foreground (Senge;-) ..." It is a most
recollected small painting. It thinks that only one thing is necessary and
this is time. But this one thing is by no means apparent to one who will not
take the trouble to look. It is a most religious, devout, and latreutic small
Funny, At ;-) that our little child 'Ap' sits in the kitchen, thrives there
waiting for the glass house and garden, waiting for the sun, waiting for
'her' and 'our' most 'latreutic' moment, one instant eternal 'paradisio'.




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