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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 03/02/03

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Hello ceoji, learners, readers and writers,

Personally i think KM and LO ("five disciplines") - and ICT - "are"
(they are not this, i'm just making a short cut) different acronyms for
the same underlying phenomena: something like dealing with uncertainty,
ambiguity, change, purpose or meaning. Discussing the difference between
LO and / or KM only adds to the confusion - strange word: melting
together fusion and con should render clarity. What would interests me
is not the answer, but the questions that can be raised. You might be
more interested in questions like why you want or would want to
differentiate between KM and / or LO, who is calling what, what is at
stake, what games you're in or why there is an initiative.

Recently here in The Netherlands there is a book published by Martijn
van Oorschot called "Deconstructing Knowledge Management" that looks at
the issues of KM from the perspective of Watzlawick, Weick and
social-constructivism. In it, the methods for initiatives are being
discussed. I've heared that it is being translated into English.

Kind regards,

Jan Lelie

ceoji singh wrote:

>I am caught up in this milieu of how to differentiate between between a
>Knowledge management initiative and a learning organization initiative.
>Could anyone give me practical examples or pointers to relevant stuff.


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