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Date: 03/24/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes:

> -- 07.02 GMT The back corner field. A and the first lamb
>and sister are found by my eyes ten minutes old, struggle
>intaking cold air; exhaling warm and steamy breath...what
>an exchange...
>At, you will understand ... I cried at the sight of it, and the
>site of it. Hence the above re-collection, and then I couldn't
>contain myself in joy, so I went to a neighbours house and
>told her..." go see."

Greetings dear Andrew,

I understand -- a renaissance at the expense of a creative collapse. The
past left behind irreversibly -- the future having something of the past,
but reflecting it differently. The young replacing the old which have to
pass away sooner or later.

What tells more than the Lamb slaughtered -- a token for the callous
wanting revenge, even when involving the innocent. Andrew, it is good for
you that you had not to see this also.

Some two thousand years ago the last Human Sacrifice ought to have
happened. That is what He came for, but those who know about it believe
Him not. They will always have such an important cause that human
sacrifices for it cannot be avoided. It is as worse as cannibalism.

Preserving and caring for the new generation among any species must be our
greatest concern. But when death is inflicted among helpless children of
others and too few who could prevented it make as much as a frown, the
spirituality of humankind is on the path of extinction. What will remain
is brute savages who will look only after their own self-interests --
animals who have lost all the preservation instincts of animals.

This makes me think -- is the LO meant for its present members alone?
Should it not find joy in serving as midwife for the birth of other LOs
too? How profound will your words not be:
"... the first lamb and sister are found by my eyes ten minutes
     old, struggle intaking cold air; exhaling warm and steamy
     breath...what an exchange..."

I have the past two years come deeply under the impression how
organisations with a negative, destructive, demanding, self-righteous
spirit retards or even prevents the birth of even one LO among them. It
saddens me deeply.

With care and best wishes,


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