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From: Ellery July (
Date: 03/24/03

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Aren't all societies at any given time/place modern or are you using a
modern to mean western-European-like?

While I think the war is wrong because we in the US should not make war
with a country or entity that poses little threat or have not attacked us.
Having followed the UN and its charter - the UN is not the only entity
that can declare or justify a war. The UN's role/charter is to prevent
war not agree to wage war. It failed in this regard as it has in previous

One might argue that our social contract demands that we do everything
"reasonable" to stop people from enslaving, killing, or starving those
within their control.

Lastly, I find this whole thread amusing while war is/was taking place in
Africa, attempted overthrow of South America governments are taking place
we focus here. Places where an equal number of people are being killed and
displaced we chose to focus in on this war, what do we learn from that?

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>Hi Jan,
>You are quite right. I think that in a modern society there are other
>ways available than war. Howevere sometimes I hesitate because the
>result after a war can be more positieve than before (thinking of
>Afghanistan), but that is perhaps the result of the "western" concept
>what is better. For religious moslim fanatics it is probably worse.


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