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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 04/02/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Glebe Stcherbina <> writes:

>However, I would like to draw your attention to one point.
>Whilst the Boer War only involved Britain, Australia was
>also involved in the Boer War as it is in the current war in
>Iraq. May I refer you to the following website,
>which states in part:

Greetings dear Glebe,

Thank you for bringing up this dimension, namely, that due to close
relationships more than only the two waring countries may become involved
in a war. By the way, i think that were it not for the Ozzies, the loss
among the British forces would have been much higher which could have had
a vast different outcome on the war.

But I rush myself to the following:

>At you are right about the link of gold and diamonds in
>respect to the Boer War. Whilst many have argued that
>oil is the main issue in the current war in Iraq, I believe
>the issues are far more complex and complicated than what
>has been purported by some writers. Some issues go back
>centuries whilst some are related to current personalities
>who have great positional power but lack "inner power".
>Time will tell as to what the real issues are. I only hope that
>we can learn from those issues arising from all wars including
>the Boer War.

I agree with you on the complexity of what all lead to a war. I have in my
possesion a very old book written by Manie Maritz, one of the Boer
generals -- "My lewe en strewe" (My life and strife.) In that book he
tells how, only several years after the Boer War, began to learn the role
which some secret and subversive societies played in its engineering. The
contents is indeed chilling, showing that nations blunder into war, not
knowing that they are pulled like pupputs by some secret society.

What worries me deeply about this war, is the increasing polarisation it
causes between the Western and Arabic worlds. It something which none of
these two worlds can afford.

>Thank you and may we find peace soon.


With care and best wishes


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