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Date: 04/01/03

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Ellery July wrote:

>Lastly, I find this whole thread amusing while war is/was taking place in
>Africa, attempted overthrow of South America governments are taking place
>we focus here. Places where an equal number of people are being killed
>and displaced we chose to focus in on this war, what do we learn from

As the person who started the thread, I need to jump back in and say that
I'm also amused by the intent and interest on the trauma, death, and
danger associated with one small segment of the planet. People die every
day, often from tragic and difficult situations caused by foolish and
greedy men. I used to live in West Africa where babies died needlessly
every year from measles. Where was the action, the demand for justice? I
could list hundreds of such situations, but that is not the point.

When I started this discussion, it was to comment on the media's label of
"war" when there was no combat. This situation has now changed. However, I
did notice that immediately after the war began, the media referred to the
war as a "conflict", a "situation", and "what's happening." Once the US
began to kill people, it was no longer a "war".

What does that say about all this?

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