Lit Review LO30048

Date: 04/04/03

Dear Rod,

The single most valuable tool I used when writing my dissertation was the
software, Endnote. It is a bibliographical application that allows you to
create libraries and record all your sources, notes, etc. With just a few
keystrokes, you can format all your citations within the text and at the
end as a list of references and can do so according to almost any style
your institution requires. And it's always correct! I ended up with
hundreds of articles, books, etc., and had I not had this system, I would
have been completely overwhelmed. It was worth every cent and I still use
it to keep track of what I read. I got into the habit of entering basic
bibliographical information about every new book and article before I read
it, assigned key words to each entry, and it has made it much easier to
locate references. You can get information about this software at <A

P.S. Single best piece of advice with Endnote? Create only ONE library
and put ALL your dissertation references in it. Use keywords to sort
rather than creating separate libraries (files) that you then have to move
back and forth between! Good luck.

Harriett J. Robles


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