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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 04/04/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Joe Podolsky <> writes:

>One interpretation of Ellery's and Vana's comments is that
>violence, tragedy, greed, and foolishness are the usual state
>of world affairs, with peace, kindness, and goodwill being
>the exception.

Greetings dear Joe,

I think that the ratio of the "bad" (like violence, tragedy, greed and
foolishness) to the "good" (like peace, kindness and goodwill) runs in
cycles which may differ from country to country.

These cycles are to a large extent driven by the leaders in the major
walks of life, those up front as well as those operating under cover. We
here in South Africa had extraordinary experiences how much our former
president Nelson Mandela changed the cycle from "bad" to "good". He was
honestly convinced that the "good" will lead far more to prosperity and
safety than the "bad". He acted like a "dove" and not like a "hawk".

The tragedy for me was that while he was in prison, our media (acting to
please the apartheid politicians) depicted him as the worst "hawk"
possible. But from the moment he was released, it was immediately clear
from his public appearances that he was actually a "dove".

With care and best wishes,


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