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From: Chris Macrae (
Date: 04/10/03

Replying to LO30076 --

Which stakeholders need what and how could everyone gain?

I dont think there will ever be a better time to debate what a model
nation of Iraq could look like. Some example strands from views at :

The people of Iraq -Safety & respect of cultural diversity;system of being
governed by people who love people; societal progress commensurate with
being a top 20 nation in wealth per capita including minimum living
standards; brand & intangibles policy for world-differentiating trade -
why not Middle East's first Knowledge University perhaps with support of
Bill Gates Foundation. Have an Iraqi-Pulitzer prize process for online and
local journalism with prizes being secondments to best of Eastern &
Western media publishers -invite GE/NBC to be sponsor for first 5 years
but choosing local panel of judges

The Women of Iraq - Middle Eastern model of respect for gender; Develop
women of the year Jessica's across Asia and Middle East

The Orphans of Iraq - Either a great public orphan institute for children
in need or great placement service. Develop a world class sports school
like Australia's. Sponsor appropriate starts to visit and train.

Muslims - World Centre for Muslim Heritage cultured by golden rule of
relationship reciprocity - note historically Muslims have been one of the
greatest integrators of world learning (

Neighbouring countries: **Turkey -- mutual free trading zone and through
to EU **Iran -- ...? **Kuwait -- mutual free trading zone? ? -- ...?

**Coalition nations -- ...why not form a free trading union between Iraq,
Kuwait, Turkey, European Coalition countries, and US at least in knowledge
markets (prepare to welcome Palestine). Develop case of how much Germany
earns from hosting US army bases and should Iraq elect to do so transfer
half of those bases and trade to Iraq. Divest security side of United
Nations from New York and relocate its HQ to Baghdad

I'm sure as systemisers many of you can add some better ideas. Would it be
possible to assemble them as a learning organisation study?


> Iraq War -- Guess it became one......that is a bummer
> At's thoughtful comments are below. Other folks on the list have
> commented from various aspects of this.....dare I say....crusade and our
> coalition of the mini-mighty, oops I meant the willing.


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