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Date: 04/17/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Chris Macrae <> writes:

>Which stakeholders need what and how could everyone gain?

Greetings dear Chris,

After having studied "government" before colonial times in Africa, i
became deeply under the impression how inadequate is Western democracy --
"vote and the majority rules". I think that the same applies to the Arabic
culture. In Arabian culture, like in African culture, whoever rules always
have to take into consideration the opinion of all knowledgable and wise
people. Here it is done by a process called "indaba" -- the Africna
equivalent of a Bohmian dialogue.

Actually, the Indaba is more than that. It is a kind of temporary LO.
Rulers learn with wise elders of society in regular meetings what to do
and what to avoid. In western democracy something similar happens with
the idea of a congress or parliament. However, the marked difference is
that wise elders are not elected. They are just there and therefor have to
be taken into consideration. Ignoring them constitutes an illegal

I personally think that setting up an effective and fair government in
Iraq will be orders more difficult than getting rid of Hussein and his
cronies. One major issue is how to accomdate three distinctive cultures.
This has been a major disaster in Africa with the model of western
democracy. The model of western democracy has too little, if any, LO in

With care and best wishes


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