the Lamb LO30090

From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 04/13/03

Replying to LO30016 --

At comments on Andrew's LO30016:
> I have the past two years come deeply under the impression how
> organisations with a negative, destructive, demanding, self-righteous
> spirit retards or even prevents the birth of even one LO among them. It
> saddens me deeply.

And yet ... sooner or later, flowers grow through the cracks in the
concrete (and lilacs breed in the dead land) ...

Oddly, I find signs in the US that some "organizations" are beginning to
learn again; should we be grateful to our dear President for the kick in
the pants? "Thanks, I needed that!"

Love to all in the midst of the cruelest month...


Don Dwiggins "When you're losing the game, change the rules." -- Seen on an office wall

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