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From: syntagm (syntagm@icon.co.za)
Date: 04/17/03

Replying to LO30084 --

>From: <ACampnona@aol.com>

> 'Modern management was born ............

Upon reflection i wondered about the meaning of the term "modern

Is it just a time slot-term like <yesterday> as opposed to <today>?
Is it a value judgement like <renaissance> as opposed to the <dark ages>?
Is a disposable term like too many <Hi!-how- are-you's>?
Does it mean that it is thoroughly modern because management science has
taken note of what is happening all around it and that it is embracing
complexity, falling in love with systems thinking, and is widely excited
about self-organisation, symmetry breaking and uncertainty?

Perhaps, methinks, it is an anaesthetising sophorific oxymoron like
<................................> - yes, that too!
The best part of <management thinking and understanding> is still firmly
encased in the Newtonian paradigm.




"syntagm" <syntagm@icon.co.za>

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