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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 04/22/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Chris Klopper <syntagm@icon.co.za> writes:

>>From: <ACampnona@aol.com>
>> 'Modern management was born ............
>Upon reflection i wondered about the meaning of the term
>"modern management"?
>Perhaps, methinks, it is an anaesthetising sophorific oxymoron
>like <................................> - yes, that too! The best part of
> <management thinking and understanding> is still firmly
>encased in the Newtonian paradigm.

Greetings dear Chris,

I agree with you. But what is really deficient in the Newtonian paradigm
of thinking? You have mentioned some reasons and a search on the web will
reveal others too. Are they disconnected, or do they stem from one
fundamental fallacy? I think it is the latter, namely that the system can
be presented by a model through an EQUATION:

   system = model

However, in reality the system can never be delineated by any model.

   system > model

(> = "greater than") holds actually. When managers begin to live up to
this inequality, their organisations will improve with leaps.

With care and best wishes


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