Learning Organisation and Appreciative Inquiry LO30113

From: Vana Prewitt (Vana@PraxisLearning.com)
Date: 04/17/03

Replying to LO30088 --

Nick Heap asked about combining AI practices with exploring LO phenomena
and the answer is YES!!! You hit the jackpot. Appreciative Inquiry, as
many people know, was an accidental outcome of David Cooperrider's
research. The technique they used to conduct the field study seemed to
have an incredible impact on the organization completely outside the scope
of the rest of the intervention.

The key to using AI techniques is in finding a powerful and catalytic
(some people prefer the term synergistic) question that truly energizes
and mobilizes the passions of the people. Without that powerful question,
the whole thing falls flat.

I would further like to suggest that you explore a technique developed by
my friend and colleague, Juanita Brown, that specifically joins LO and AI
methods within a Bohmian dialogue. The World Café is, I believe, the best
thing going for helping organizations quickly see the power of
collaborative learning processes. I can go on ad nauseum about it but I
encourage you to look at the website (www.theworldcafe.com). Like AI, it
can appear simple but believe me there is more to it than meets the eye
and failure to attend to the underlying structure of the process will
produce a dud. I've seen it.

Essentially, you would use the café methodology, AI techniques, and LO
generative questions for your demonstration process. It is interactive
and they experience the power rather than just hearing about it.

Kindest regards,

Vana Prewitt
Praxis Learning Systems


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