Learning Organisation and Appreciative Inquiry LO30088

From: Nick Heap (nick.heap@ntlworld.com)
Date: 04/11/03

Replying to LO30044 --

Dear All

Referring to Workshop design LO30044

>I have an opportunity to create workshops to introduce
>senior people in a client company to the idea of a learning
>organisation. (snip)

Thank you for your helpful comments on the above, which encourage me to
introduce the tools gently and relevantly and not to sell LO as a panacea
or "product". I have just spent an enjoyable day and a half reading "The
Fifth Discipline Fieldbook" too.

After this, I was wondering if it would work to use appreciative inquiry
methods and thinking to start the work with my client and in his
organisation. For instance, would "Discovery" by asking people to share
their best experiences of being in an organisation that solved a difficult
problem or where people made a surprising leap forward help people get
excites and motivated about becoming a "LO"?

I suppose we could ask questions that encourage people to reflect on good
experiences of learning and development that flowed from improved "Systems
Thinking", "Personal Mastery" etc though I would need to translate these
into plain English.

If you have any experience of working this way or thoughts on this
approach, I would love to hear from you. I am certainly like Isaac Newton
in this "Playing with pebbles on the seashore with the great ocean of
truth there before me!"

Best wishes

Nick Heap nick.heap@ntlworld.com
Web: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/nick.heap


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