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Date: 04/29/03

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> I have also been greatly enjoying reading Ricardo Semler's new book (The
> Seven-Day Weekend, 2003)

I must be more out-of-the-loop than I'd thought, as I'd not realized
Semler had written another book. how does this one compare with his

In my own study of natural workplaces (e.g., AES, perhaps, and Cascades,
others) I think they are often difficult to find because educative,
self-directed, and transparent workplaces no longer possess the
organizational ego (they're organizationally transcendent?) of most other
places. Thus there's not a need for the "look at how great we are!"
attitude of so many corporations.

Now I need to go get that book . . . !

Terri A. Deems, PhD
WorkLife Design



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