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From: Nick Heap (
Date: 05/13/03

Dear All

I am planning to produce a short free monthly e-zine of practical
developmental ideas that will have ideas and tools that I hope you will
find useful and maybe will help to build learning organisations somewhere.
I will also give some uses of the material and some ideas about
possibilities. I hope to respond to people's needs and interests so this
can be a useful means of two way communication.

Of course, by doing so I am hoping to raise my profile and eventually get
some more good and interesting work to do. If you already receive e-zines
that you find useful, I would love to know about them. This whole venture
is very new to me so there is lots to learn.

I have a sample copy with some processes for extending team building by
working with pairs of people and helping the people who work in a system
improve it and eliminate unnecessary work.

If you would like to see the sample copy, please send me an e-mail or
click "Ezine" on my website. I don't want to clog up the list for everyone
else. I won't pass your details to anyone or send you spam.

Best wishes,

Nick Heap

Best wishes,

Nick Heap
New Directions
43 Roe Green Close
Herts AL10 9PD

01707 886553 and
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