7 S Model LO30211

From: Fred Nickols (nickols@safe-t.net)
Date: 05/27/03

Responding to Paul in LO30201 --

>I am attempting to use the 7 S Model as a vehicle for creating dialogue
>with clients as we co-diagnose their organizations and then determine what
>interventions will improve the whole system.
>Has anyone used this model and have you any nifty examples or
>illustrations to get across the view of systems and systems thinkng?
>Appreciate your help.

I used to use a variant of the McKinsey 7S model as a framework for
discussing organization-wide issues (I substituted "Spirit" for
"Superordinate Goal"). The utility of the model is that it encompasses
just about everything you'd want to discuss. The links between each of
the S's in the 7S model are, to my knowledge, nowhere made clear unless it
is in internal McKinsey documents. The 7S model is discussed in The Art
of Japanese Management and in In Search of Excellence but I don't know how
much help those discussions will be to you because I don't recall them as
being much more than a presentation of the 7S framework, not a description
of how to use it. That said, you might find some illustrative examples in
one or the other of those two books.


Fred Nickols


Fred Nickols <nickols@safe-t.net>

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