Agnostisism and Learning LO30219

Date: 05/29/03

Replying to LO30213 --

..."But enough of that."...

Seven 'dots' or 'six' makes no difference with me ; how gladness I am that
learning requires no cleverness. "If my heart can become pure and simple,
like that of a child, I think there can probably be no greater happiness
than this..."


What is religion?


What is its purpose (for us)?


Why do we need it?

Familiarity contains the problemo...

One sense says, the person with the question has no need ...BUT... it is
in the very nature of religion to be there, (waiting) for just such a

"Wherever questioning individuals like this are to be found, the need for
religion is there as well."

Those for whom not is necessary are the very necessary of not not, so
necessary... so necessary.

"There is no other thing of which the same can be said."

Ask, " Why do we need learning and the arts?"

We may have a go at explaining this, happiness, cultivation, so forth, so

BUT, we can get along without them. Life still goes on. Life still goes

"Learning and the arts may be indispensable to living well, but they are
not indispensable to living."

They are a luxury.

Food is essential to life. Nobody asks me why I eat. "Well, maybe an

Love Andrew & Kitaro Nishada

>From one page of 'Religion and Nothingness' Kitaro Nishada
" If my heart can become pure and simple, like that of a child....

 -- "How do you paint what has no form, to make me feel better tell me more
lies, carry me further away..." -- David Grey.


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