Amsterdam Dinner May 23rd LO30223

From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 05/30/03

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Well, that came as a bit of a shock! We did have a nice time sparring and
i do regret the fact that i have to priorotizes these days. I've disabled
myself from writing the last weeks. mind@work is working on our new
software - web-based facilitating and moderating meetings - and it just
seems that computers in general and specifically html, java, php and what
have you have been designed NOT to do what you expect, want , intent or
ask from them. When this is finished, later this summer - and there has to
be an English version too - i'll pick up contributing,


Richard Karash wrote:

>I was in Amsterdam last week and had a nice dinner with Gijs
>Houtzager, Jan Lelie, and Leo Minnigh.
>We had a great time and talked a lot about learning, organizations,
>and learning organizations.

[Host's Note: Jan, we'll look forward to hearing from you whenever and on
whatever topic! I wish you the best on your project. .. Rick]


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