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Date: 05/31/03

Dear Persons,

There was a mental asylum near where I live - there was another very large
one on the edge of Oxford.

Both have now been closed, and I often wonder where the previous
'patients' there go now. One has already been converted into luxury
housing and the other has been given planning consent for the same.

No amount of plaster board....
One way to discern such an out-turned internee is seeing a person standing
alone, almost 'nose to wall' or 'nose to hedge'.
They appear to be,
Lingering, you might see the person,
' talkingthewall'.

Near where I live there is a new 'water main' being buried, under the
countryside. There is a field behind us where part of a thirty mile pipe
is exposed, sections as long as two hundred meters. Looking into one end
the other was a pinprick of light. I shouted down the hole, as one does.
Then suddenly a voice from the other end called back...and back...and so
forth. I was there for quite a while, fifty year old playing the five year
old, fascinated by the twirlings of air.

As things go on I think you will see more and more 'persons' talking to
the 'walls' and 'hedges'...all parts...

"Whereof, all parts of this world, because they are the work of one
artist, the parts of one creation, like each other in life and essence,
are bound to each other by a certain mutual affection. so it may be said
that love is a perpetual knot and binder of the world, the immovable
support of its parts and the firm foundation of the whole creation."
Ficino, Third Speech, That Love is the Teacher....Chapter III

From: peter beamish
Date: Wed Apr 30, 2003 9:30 am
Subject: Re: "TIMELY" News: + + +

James [cyclesi] wrote: [replies "[]" & "-> ", 1 page side, 55 lines]
Since physics [seems] - hung up on a materialistic philosophy -

-> Physics and biophysics do not appear, to us, to be "hung up" at all;
they are instead "exploding" with fascinating, new, verifiable results!

-> e.g. Two types of "TIME;" Thus two types of communication; Nature is
_more_ than just evolutionary processes; Cellular macromolecules _may_
each hold "thousands" of concepts of "Rhythm Based Information;" Such
information is independent of "KitadaTime-2pi-Cycle Duration;" Thus one's
"life" appears to be _possibly_ more "long lasting" than just ~100 Sun
Cycles (===> but not "everlasting,"); "Rhythm Based Information" can
travel faster than the velocity of light in vacuo ("Dancing With Whales"
Chapters 1,3, and 5); Minds can combine vectors and scalars to form the
immensely important "Mental Vector Protocols" (===> "MVP's"); Members of
"Kingdom Animalia" have two minds; Other Kingdoms have only unconscious
(not "subconscious") mind; "Rhythm Based Communication" ("RBC") can and
does work, prolifically, between living minds, throughout our biosphere;
Cetaceans may have different concepts of "Our CareTaker" than do humans,
and such knowledge could imminently aid humans, in both: a) more closely
understanding "CareTaker Knowledge," and b) merging "RBC science" with
21st century, wide spread, perhaps advanced, "religious type" teachings.

- there could be no classification of non physical energy. (James)

-> There has been, in fact, an entire, scientific, respected discipline
developed (slightly greater with intellectuals of "Eastern Thought"),
dealing with "Paranormal Psychology," and a "foundation" of this newly
accredited science now appears to be Rhythm Based Communication or RBC.

But there is a beginning acknowledgement of long distance healing and
prayer that is a non physical action that has physical results. (James)

-> Here is how such _could_ function under new concepts of "Rhythm Based
communication Theory," and, subsequent, suggested, empirical inquiry.
"Patient x" has say 12, "leading," measurable, RBC "alpha rhythms," the
most dominant, say #1, being mean heart rate; the most universal, say #10,
is the diurnal rhythm. A relatively healthy, close "associate," say "y,"
shares rhythm #7, a "KTsynchronization" that has developed over an
extended "conventional time ct." "Associate y" now organizes "friends,"
using common sense Emotional Intelligence ("EI"), to synchronize their
behaviour to rhythm #7. This activity need not substantially alter life
styles but it can easily be monitored by efficient, computerized, timing
techniques. Let the "OnTime KTwindow" of #7 represent upbeat, good news,
get well initiatives and perhaps then the "OffTime," pi radian, KTwindow
may either represent, or grow to represent downbeat, patient "feelings."
"Associate y," as for perhaps all humans, has elation-depression cycles
which are then "adjusted," and perhaps enhanced, by the above, rhythm #7
behaviour. "Associate y" now visits "patient x" and probably "will," but
also definitely "should," arrive during the "KitadaTime," upbeat, OnTime
KTwindow. The positive, "upbeat-feelings" are transmitted from "y," to
"x," via both SBC and RBC and the healing, both mental and physical, may
often be significantly enhanced by such an RBC "rhythmic reinforcement."

Pollock's ( American artist)," - line has a polymorphous potency -- the
capacity to be everywhere at once -- it functions supremely well as the
vehicle of a speed of light alloverness."

Madman, what are you waiting for?

A violent repentance!

Andrew Campbell
North Moreton


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