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Date: 06/03/03

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recent issue of ORGANIZATION.

Volume 10 Issue 2, 2003

Themed Section on Ethics, Politics and Organizing
Introduction : Ethics, Politics and Organizing Martin Parker Keele
University, UK

A Utility Theory of 'Truth'
Alex Arthur University of Aberdeen, UK

As if Business Ethics Were Possible, 'Within Such Limits' ...
Campbell Jones University of Leicester, UK

The Manufacture of Corporate Social Responsibility: Constructing Corporate
John Roberts University of Cambridge, UK

Business Ethics, Accounting and the Fear of Melancholy
René ten Bos Schouten and Nelissen/Nijmegen School of Management, The

Even Newer Social Movements? Anti-Corporate Protests, Capitalist Crises and
the Remoralization of Society
Nick Crossley University of Manchester, UK

Research Subjects/Research Subjections : Exploring the Ethics and Politics
of Critical Research
Edward Wray-Bliss University of Salford, UK

Themed Section on Spirituality, Management and Organization
Introduction: Spirituality, Management and Organization
Marta Calás and Linda Smircich University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA

The Elevation of Work : Pastoral Power and the New Age Work Ethic
Emma Bell Warwick Business School, UK and Scott Taylor Birmingham Business
School, UK

Balancing Mysterium and Onus : Doing Spiritual Work within an Emotion-Laden
Organizational Context
Maree V. Boyle Griffith University, Australia and Joshua Healy Flinders
University, Australia

Speaking Out
Do Not Promote Religion under the Guise of Spirituality
Ian I Mitroff University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Irreconcilable Foes?: The Discourse of Spirituality and the Discourse of
Organizational Science
Margaret Benefiel Andover Newton Theological School, Boston, USA

Organizational Spirituality: The Sceptic's Version
Reva Berman Brown Oxford Brookes University, UK


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