E-learning abandonment??? LO30227

From: WangGreg@aol.com
Date: 06/02/03

Dear Colleague:

You may have heard of much on e-learning's high dropout rate, abandonment,
and other challenges anecdotally, but much research is needed to
understand the technologies and learner behaviors.  Under a research grant
from the E-learning Consortium, the faculty and graduate students of HRD
program at James Madison University are currently conducting a study to
investigate e-learning participation and challenges in organizations. 
We'd appreciate it if you could share your e-learning experience by
responding to a short online survey at


To express our appreciation, you'll receive a summary survey results. 
You'll also be notified as the full study report being put on a public
domain for your free access at a later time.

Please remember that the survey closing date is Friday, June 20. 

Thank you all in advance for sharing your experience.

Greg --apologies for cross posting
Greg Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor of HRD
Associate Director, Workforce Development Campus
317 Roop Hall, James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807



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