Billy Budd LO30239

From: Chris Klopper (
Date: 06/05/03

Replying to LO30232 --


It occurred to me that at least one company has been involved in building
weapons of mass construction: Caterpillar he.....he....he....;>)

That is not to suggest that their CEO has fallen prey to other temptations
mentioned in your mail.


>From: <>

> I recently learned that during the last ten or so years Saddam built over
> forty 'palaces' at great expense to the welfare of the people of Iraq.
> Dear LO,
> I recently learned that during the last ten years or so many, many CEO's
> have been building personal fortunes (example: 20,000,000 pounds sterling)
> for future 'personal palaces' within large multinational org's.


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