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From: Alan Cotterell (
Date: 06/07/03

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During my professional life, I've become aware that research is not an
answer to everything. Research often involves finding (scientific) papers
and making deductions from several. Trouble is that if there is a
predominant paradigm, we try to make the information fit. Even our
marvellous academics will espouse theories, without having any real
experience to back them up.

In Australia there has been widespread acceptance of a new approach to
RISK MANAGEMENT. It has had a dramatic effect on our insurance industry.
It is being used as a basis of new Corporate Governance Guidelines. I
recommend the reading of Australian Standard AS4360 - Risk Management (at ). Also the SAI Newsletter at that address.

The result of this standard has meant that workplace Occupational Health
and Safety legislation, is changing from prescriptive to performance
based. It also means that director's, manager's and employee's Duty of
Care has changed to cause more accountability.

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Alan Cotterell


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