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From: James S L Yong NCS (
Date: 06/10/03

Replying to LO30241 --

Interesting request, Steve. At one time I was into collecting movies or
snippets of movies to illustrate different business/management concepts or
principles. I remember using "Spartacus" to illustrate vision - remember
the scene where the captured slaves stood up one by one shouting "I am
Spartacus" (preferring death rather than giving up their vision to live as
free men).

I don't have an answer to the strategy film, but I always wondered if
Goldratt's "The Goal" had ever been made into a film.

--- James SL Yong
    NCS Pte Ltd

> I am looking for a short movie that is fun and demonstrates some of the
> principles of Strategic Planning.


James S L Yong NCS <>

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