Working Smarter vs. Working Harder LO30252

From: Alan Cotterell (
Date: 06/11/03

Replying to LO30240 --

Malcolm, I'm inclined to agree with Keith in the futility of change which
doesn't come from the top.

It's possible to change a whole organisation completely from the bottom,
however one word from the top can cause reversion to an authoritarian,
manipulative culture.

The one person a 'change agent' must get on-side is the CEO.

I don't believe you can create a participative management culture by
directing people to consult. I suggest an empowering approach is

 1. Introduce a policy manual using national standards as the basis of
the guidance policies.

 2. Document essential/critical procedures.

 3. Encourage workers/employees to improve the ways of working, and the
guidance documents.

 4. Allow people to form partnerships and self-manage.

Best Regards,
Alan Cotterell


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