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From: Ellery July (
Date: 06/13/03

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While most failures are either bottom/up or top/down less and less do I
find organizations set up in that way. While some organizational
hierarchy structures only shows itself in times of stress. Most
organizations I have seen are more a series of networks bumping into each
other, with little or no formal structure. I too have seen that most
successful organization change begin with and is controlled by middle tier
managers or networks of people working together.

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>Keith, I've heard this assertion repeatedly over the years, but remain
>to be convinced. It seems to me that the declaration that the "person
>in charge" is the single key factor in sustaining "good" behavior, which
>must also be "rewarded" only works, if at all, in circumstances where
>the organization is by definition a structure hierarchy where power
>flows down from above. Yet the LO literature abounds in cases where
>change is initiated and sustained in other ways, in organizations which
>are not structured as you seem to assume is always the case.


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