Working Smarter vs. Working Harder LO30262

Date: 06/14/03

Replying to LO30243 --

Dear readers, Keith,

I see no compelling reason to assume that the variations in perspective
within this group differ from the variations of the larger community. The
two averages however might differ, as people participating in a discussion
group like this over the internet tend to have a somewhat more future
oriented approach.

Further more i've noticed that people do prefer to work together with
people working from the same perspective - birds of a feather - and that
most people do not learn how to effectively interact with people having a
different perspective,

In haste,

Jan Lelie

>It would be interesting to know what time focus most participants in this
>group hold. I know that I view things from a linear perspective, namely
>that I am comfortable in past, present and future views. The best change
>teams will have a mix of the types.
>For example, if all the team are future time focus, who will deal with the
>present day fires?
>If there is no past focus members, how will we learn from our experience?


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