Working Smarter vs. Working Harder LO30265

Date: 06/15/03

Replying to LO30243 --

keith cowan says in Working Smarter vs. Working Harder LO30243

> If there is no past focus members, how will we learn from our experience?

Spatio-temporally speaking ..." A country which has lost the sense of its
own past has no understanding of its present and no direction for its
future." W S Churchill

It is not just the past but also the future that controls the present,
shorter processes serve the purpose of the larger (longer) that encompass
and outlive them...

Is 'love' pushing, or is 'love' pulling, or is 'love' is?


" A tribal society is said to be made up of the dead, the living and the yet
to be born."
E. Goldsmith


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